What’s TOLES?

The name TOLES stands for “Test of Legal English Skills”, which is a practical test provided particularly for lawyers and law students in order to check their ability to use Legal English. Starting in 2000 in response to demand from law firms and other employers of lawyers, TOLES has rapidly become popular and recognized all over the world for over 17 years.  

The exams are offered at 3 levels: TOLES Foundation, TOLES Higher and TOLES Advanced

  • TOLES Foundation is the first level in the TOLES series. It is for beginners/elementary level students of Legal English. This exam tests reading and writing skills. The exam takes 90 minutes.
  • TOLES Higher is the second level in the TOLES series. It is for intermediate level students of Legal English. This exams tests reading, writing and listening skills. The exam takes 120 minutes.
  • TOLES Advanced is the highest level in the TOLES series. It is for advanced level students of Legal English. This exam tests reading and writing skills. The exam takes 120 minutes

All of the exams focus on developing commercial awareness as well as accuracy and the development of a specialist commercial legal vocabulary. TOLES is not suitable for native English-speaker.

What can I expect to achieve from the TOLES Examination?

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Approach the exam more confidently
  • Assess your true ability in Legal English
  • Improve your knowledge of Legal English and key concepts in English law
  • Improve your writing skills, especially for letters and emails
  • Demonstrate your ability to current and future employers by including your grade and certificate as part of  CV
  • Keep up to date in your professional development
  • Prepare yourself for entry to a law course in a UK or US university, or for an internship

Who should attend the TOLES Exam?

Anyone following the major of law can attend the TOLES Exam, including law school students, lawyers in law firms, lawyers in Government sectors, legal translator, lawyers within the legal departments at banks and corporations, etc…

Why is it important for lawyers and law students to take the TOLES Exam?

Because lawyers and law students need TOLES. International law firms know that TOLES is the world’s leading Legal English Exams. Of the many different English exams available, TOLES is favoured by many law firms when selecting or promoting employees. The TOLES certificates in legal English are the most relevant and accurate that you can possess.

What is the main objective of the TOLES Exam?

To give working lawyers the skills, accuracy and confidence they need when using English at work.

What skills needed to take the TOLES Exam?

There are no speaking elements in TOLES, which means candidates should only focus on writing, reading and listening skills. However, the listening skill only appears once in the TOLES Higher Exam.

Why does TOLES offer 3 levels? Is it necessary to take the all three?

There are 3 levels TOLES offers. If candidate’s in the level of Elementary English, they can apply for the TOLES Foundation test. Each level in TOLES is suitable with a particular knowledge of English that candidates have. You don’t have to take all the 3 levels, you can choose the level you think suitable with your English skills.

What advantages does TOLES have in compared to other Legal English Exam?

  • TOLES was the first international Legal English Exam. TOLES is the undisputed market leader and has 17 years of proven accuracy.
  • The TOLES series provides exams of differing levels. It is therefore open to candidates of all abilities who can progressively build upon their skills.
  • TOLES is 100% practical. Rather than focusing on theories of English language as other certificates, it can be easily applied in real cases and meet the need of law firms. Hence it is recognized widely by international law firms for its relevance, accuracy and practicality
  • There is no speaking element to TOLES. Law firms report that they are easily able to assess a lawyer’s oral skills at interview
  • The TOLES series are no-fail exams. All students will receive a certificate and explanatory statement reflecting their ability in Legal English.
  • TOLES is very competitively priced, making it affordable for all candidates.

How can I book a date to take the TOLES Exam?

TOLES Exam is only held 5 times a year and the schedule is fixed. If you want to take the exam, contact us. The test dates for the official exam test in 2017 are: January 26, March 23, June 22, August 24, November 23 (Closing date for applications: 28 working days in advance of exam date).


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