• Duration: 90 minutes

  • Skills tested: reading and writing

  • Score: the maximum score is 100

  • Focus: practical legal vocabulary in authentic situations; basic grammar consolidation

  • General English level: elementary A2 - advanced C1

  • Certificate: TOLES Foundation with mark explanation


TOLES Foundation is the first level of the TOLES series, which expands an awareness of the real tasks a lawyer carries out in an international legal office and focuses on real and recent legal developments and cases. Here are some following features:

  • Suitable for beginner Level.

  • Focus on practical legal vocabulary in authentic situations; consolidation of basic grammar

  • Encourages commercial awareness

The aim of the Foundation exam is to verify that students have obtained a firm foundation for the skills that employers demand. TOLES Foundation exam and the materials ensure that committed students will be successful and that they will not make the common mistake of attempting to solve advanced tasks before mastering basic ones.


The exam has one paper: reading and writing. The exam focus is to test precision in language demanded of lawyers in modern international law offices. This means precision in two major areas: grammar and law terminology. Vocabulary from the commercial contracts, commercial area, financial documents, intellectual property is tested, as well as law terminology from other areas.


The TOLES Foundation Exam requires little or no knowledge of American or British law. It requires international legal terminology, knowledge of useful, a strong, active use of basic grammar and a sensitivity to use of register in the following general areas:

  • Basic legal negotiations

  • Pre-contractual documents

  • Commercial contracts

  • Banking

  • Companies

  • Other forms of business

  • Bankruptcy and insolvency

  • Employment law and contracts

  • The litigation process

  • Essential contract law

  • The law of tort

  • Intellectual property

  • Real estate

  • Oral contracts

  • An introduction to the common law


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