Providing candidates (legal professionals and others) with practical legal English language skills training that enables them to understand, express, and develop legal reports, documents, and agreements in a more professional way. Here are some following features:

  • Suitable for intermediate level.
  • Focus on intermediate grammar and vocabulary.
  • A realistic introduction to work.

Duration of Study

  Traditional Class Accelerated Class

1,5h/lesson, 3 lessons/week

Weekend class: 2,25h/lesson; 2 lessons/week

3h/lesson; 3 lessons/week

Weekend class: 4,5h/lesson; 2 lessons/week

Time 36h – 8 weeks 36h – 4 weeks
Tuition Please contact Hotline: 0938.964.988 - 0912.110.775 for advice and to enrol course.


Course Content

The Curriculum be used: The Lawyer’s English Language Coursebook

This is considered to be the latest document nowadays. It has all the advantages from the traditional document to help students easily know and acquire law in english, create interest in studying, to satisfy demand of studying law in english quickly and effectively.

Numerical order

Course Content


 Knowledge and use of specific legal vocabulary


 Formal letter writing and communication by email


 Simplification of complex contract clauses to Plain English


 Reading complex documentation


 Features of the English legal system


 Grammatical accuracy

At the end of the program the trainees will be able to:

  • approach the exam more confidently

  • assess your true ability in legal English

  • improve your knowledge of legal English and key concepts in English law

  • improve your writing skills, especially for letters and emails

  • demonstrate your ability to current and future employers by including your grade and certificate as part of your CV

  • keep up to date in your professional development

  • prepare yourself for entry to a law course in a UK or US university, or for an internship.

Preferential program

Please contact to enrol course and get preferential treatment.


PNE - 357 Le Hong Phong Street, Ward 2, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City

Hotline: 0914.098.008