Skype course is suitable for people who are so busy and don’t have enough time to take part in different courses in PNE. Flexible time, effective teaching and learning methods, learners and teachers are easy to interact with each other, and adjust the amount of knowledge according to learners' acquisition rates.

-Please contact Hotline: 0938.964.988 - 0912.110.775 for advice and to enrol course that suits your needs.
-Learner can choose the program of study according to your needs.

Content of Skype courses

Skype course according to level: FOUNDATION course, HIGHER course, ADVANCED course.

-Educational document: This is considered to be the latest document nowadays. It has all the advantages from the traditional document to help students easily know and acquire law in english, create interest in studying, to satisfy demand of studying law in english quickly and effectively.

-View content of lesson in detail according to each level: FOUNDATION course, HIGHER courseADVANCED course.

At the end of the program the trainees will be able to:

- Acquire knowledge according to the level.

- Have the ability to hear, understand and respond in corresponding situations.

- Have the ability to read, understand, write or complete the information on the paper, suitable context.

- Have a solid legal knowledge base in english. Then, you can continue to study higher levels.


Preferential program

Please contact to enrol course and get preferential treatment.


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