Prepare for an effective TOLES exam

Test of English Legal English Skills (TOLES) is an exam for lawyers, legal professionals and law students. It covers many topics: negotiation, law of tort. TOLES consists of three levels: Foundation, Higher and Advanced. In this article, we have consulted some law instructors on how they succeeded in TOLES.

Why is there an English test for lawyers?

In the field of law, language is probably more important than any other field because it must be very specific to be non-contradictory or inaccurate. With this principle, the test pays special attention to the participants' English level. Therefore, make sure your grammar and sentence structure knowledge is as good as possible. Join some English classes, do as much grammar as possible, and listening to podcasts (a radio-like method, but including both audio and video) about law. - Michael, Lead Legal English Trainer

Foundation, Higher or Advanced?

If you already have well English skills then there is no reason you should not move to Higher or Advanced. At Foundation level, the tests are primarily for basic English speakers. If you have time, you can practice with the lower level person but choose to study with a tutor to be sure. - Cheryl, Legal English Course and Business English instructor


If you are a skilled user of English, you should jump straight to Higher or Advanced

(Source: University of Leicester)

Start reading and researching

Because the exam is not a test of English law or US law, it is best to focus on as many legal terms as possible as it will appear in all three tests. Read legal English blogs or specialist magazines like The New Law Journal and The Lawyer. If you have time, you should go to courtrooms to find out more about legal procedures in your country. - Dan, Assistant to the Legal English Course Trainers


It is best to focus on as many legal terms as possible (Source: fthmb)

Purpose of the Advanced exam

The Advanced exam is a difficult test that requires some knowledge of the law as well as the awareness of using the correct sentence structure. In the legal English language, one of the requirement is that you must write letters and compose documents in a particular way. By preparing for the Advanced exam, you will develop this habit every day. - Andrew, Legal English Course Consultant and Solicitor


Source: legalenglish

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